Commercial Buildings

With the ever changing-needs of commercial construction, the need to stay on the cutting edge of design and integration of technology is at the forefront of our projects.

Residential Constructions

Classic designs featuring elegance and style create an ambiance for true comfort. Custom designed homes offer the perfect opportunity for beautiful design, innovation and creativity. Lifestyle is developed through the integration of a comfortable living space and a home/work environment.

Specialty Structures

These custom designs are conceived and developed for specific needs. Industrial buildings, such as Breweries, Research Labs, Operation and Maintenance buildings for wind energy plants, require very tight specifications while adhering to maximum safety standards. Each is designed to handle specific equipment for specific purposes.

Design and engineering

Nature has an innate sense of order, design and beauty. We incorporate these observations into our designs to create spatial relationships that reflect the discipline and natural elegance of our majestic environment. We work with high end designers and engineers to produce a product that is unique, innovative, and high end- reflecting the beauty around us.

Our Mission

We, at Granite Mountain Construction, are committed to building the highest quality commercial and residential projects with great efficiency at the management level along with financial responsibility for our clients. We work with a variety of owners and tenants to develop a comprehensive building program to accomplish their specific goals for their project. Our team of professionals is at depth in providing all aspects of construction including design and engineering, with utmost attention to quality, honesty, integrity and value that reflects our 30 years of construction experience

In my opinion, Montana is one of the most beautiful places on earth. It deserves to house only the highest quality buildings and infrastructure, reflecting the beauty of this state. At Granite Mountain Construction, we put our heart and soul into everything we do, producing a building our clients are proud to own.
— Cassandra Behrendt, Design and Marketing